About LimbFit

We serve and empower the dignity of disabled persons living in the world by providing them with everlasting Hope for increasing independence and mobility.

Our History

Revolutionizing Prosthetic Care

The founder of LimbFit, Greg Ekbom, is a highly skilled surgeon with expertise in general and vascular surgery. A few years ago, he was struck by a personal tragedy when his own son had to undergo a double leg amputation.

As a father, Greg was devastated and had a heart-wrenching conversation with God, pleading, “O LORD, let this happen to me, not him!” However, as he watched his 33-year-old son taking his first steps on his prosthetic legs, a glimmer of hope ignited in him. This journey allowed him to witness the pain and struggles his son faced and provided him with a new perspective on the issue.

One Surgeon's Journey to Create a Better Future for Amputees

Our Distinctive


We acknowledge that this is God’s work


Our success is through collaboration


God empowers us to fulfill His calling


God is with us, using us to complete His work

Child with prosthetic leg

Our Focus

Building Stronger Communities

Our ultimate objective is to establish a sustainable system of support and care for amputees through close collaboration with local churches and organizations that include hospitals and clinics. We aim to improve and reinforce the credibility and quality of care provided by the local caregivers and community.

Witnessing the family, local church, hospital, and clinic taking responsibility for the care and support of amputees and disabled individuals in their respective communities fills us with immense joy.

Find Your Place

Remember God is trustworthy and has entrusted each of us with a special task to accomplish.

Learn how you can serve others to the glory of God with your unique passions or skillsets

Give of your time, skills or financial means

Help make an long-term impact on the life of an amputee

Our Partners

In Collaboration With

At the heart of our mission lies the importance of partnerships. By working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of amputees, and we hope to inspire others to join us in this endeavor.