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Changing Lives One
at a Time

Changing Lives One Step at a Time

We are a nonprofit Christian organization that aims to enhance the dignity of amputees in areas of need and unrest.


Strengthening the amputee’s family and community to participate in the amputee receiving their prosthesis and rehabilitating them back into society.


Building up the credibility and reputation of local medical providers and caregivers by offering and providing ongoing medical education and training.

Look to Eternity

Centering our life’s work around fulfilling the eternal purpose of what God has called and gifted us to do to impact His people that are in need and distress.

About LimbFit

Walking the Path of Compassion and Care

Driven by the compassion of Jesus Christ, LimbFit serves as an enabling organization to support the development of clinical medical services for amputees in all parts
of the world.

This is characterized by a commitment to excellence in caring for and treating patients; fabrication of durable, comfortable, and cost-effective prosthetic devices; training technicians, clinicians, and medical providers on best practices and current surgical techniques; actively seeking and developing supporting partnerships.

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Operating Under Fire In Ukraine - September 2023

Personal Stories

Watch the Lives of Amputees be Transformed

Our Mission

To respond to the physical assistance needs of disabled persons around the world and to show them the love of Jesus Christ through providing medical, emotional, and spiritual care.

Where We Serve

Serving Around the Globe with a Local Emphasis

We are dedicated to delivering care to people with disabilities and needs in the countries we serve by collaborating with local churches, organizations, and communities that can contribute to the overall physical, mental, and spiritual health of those we provide our care to. Currently serving in Ukraine, Turkey, and Kenya, we seek to expand our reach as God leads us.
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Our Partners

In Collaboration With

At the heart of our mission lies the importance of partnerships. By working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of amputees, and we hope to inspire others to join us in this endeavor.